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writing academic english

17 December 2009

Hans Reichelt, in the Preface of his Avesta Reader: texts, notes, glossary and index, Strassburg 1911:

Finally I beg the reader not to criticize my English two severely. I have only written the book in English because I was specially requested to do so by the Parsees who do not understand German.”


[update!] The above reason for writing a book on something relating to Zoroastrianism in English is apparently common. Thus Henrik Nyberg in his Manual of Pahlavi, Wiesbaden 1964:

If I send forth this new edition of the Hilfsbuch [his 1928 German grammar of Pahlavi] in English, it is solely in order to facilitate the use of it to our Zoroastrian friends in India, who, as a rule, do not understand any other European language. I apologize to British readers for a foreigner’s English.


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  1. That is hi-larious.

  2. With extreme prejudice.

  3. Josh permalink

    Reminds me of English as She is Spoken, sort of.

  4. Shikari permalink

    Didn’t Nyberg say much the same thing in his own preface (to a Manual of Pahlavi, that is)?

  5. write more!

  6. come back to me!!! i miss you – love, your blog

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